Who Are The Compliance Team?

The Compliance Team is dedicated to upholding Ulster University’s Student visa sponsor status with the UK Home Office, while offering essential support to international students. Collaborating closely with colleagues university-wide, the team offers comprehensive guidance and expertise on all UK Home Office-related matters, particularly those concerning students with a Student visa.

Expectations and Priorities for Students with a Student Visa

Students with a Student visa are expected to engage fully with their studies and comply with the university Attendance Policy. The Attendance Policy has been developed as part of QA Ƶ Education’s commitment to provide a supportive learning environment so students can reach their full potential, to read the full policy, click .

As a Student visa holder, your visa was issued for the purpose of full-time study in the UK, and you should ensure that your studies are always your first priority. You should make every effort to continually progress on your course with the aim of graduating successfully.

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The Compliance Team can be contacted via the following methods:

Email: ulstercompliance@qa.com

Phone: 02038 835 879