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Published on Thursday 19th of October 2023

At QA Ƶ Education we believe in powering potential. Every student should be able to access good quality education, of their choosing, irrespective of their cultural or socio-economic background.

To make this possible, we are proud to offer a 50% scholarship aimed at empowering self-motivated and determined women from the Arab League States, wanting to study at or .

Why Uplifting Women from the Arab League States is Imperative

While there have been significant strides in promoting women’s rights globally, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region still faces unique challenges. Therefore the importance of uplifting women in the MENA region cannot be understated.

  1. Gender Disparities: According to the , the MENA region still lags behind in gender equality. Gender disparities in areas such as economic participation and political empowerment persist, hindering the region’s overall development.
  2. Education as an Equalizer: Education has proven to be a powerful equalizer, enabling women to break free from traditional gender roles and advance in various fields. Access to higher education is crucial for women’s economic independence and social progress.
  3. Role Models and Leaders: Educated women serve as role models and leaders within their communities. By empowering women through education, we pave the way for them to assume influential positions in politics, business, and society, driving positive change.

The QA Ƶ Education Scholarship

Our 50% scholarship for self-funded female students from the Arab League States is a step towards addressing these inequalities. The scholarship will cover half of the tuition fees, making high-quality postgraduate education at and more accessible to ambitious and motivated women from the Arab League nations.

By investing in their education, we are investing in the future of women in this region.

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